Apocalypticism and Millennialism

Shaping a Believers Church Eschatology for the Twenty-First Century
Edited by
Loren L. Johns

Apocalypticism and Millennialism

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The essays in this book were presented at a believers church conference on eschatology at Bluffton College, Bluffton, Ohio, entitled, "Apocalypticism and Millennialism: Shaping a Believers Church Eschatology for the 21st Century." It was held on the Bluffton College Campus on August 8-10, 1999.


Studies in the Believers Church Tradition

1. The Believers Church: A Voluntary Church, ed. William H. Brackney (1998).
2. Apocalypticism and Millennialism: Shaping a Believers Church Eschatology for the Twenty-First Century, ed. Loren L. Johns(2000).



Part One: Biblical Perspectives

1 Making Prophecy Come True: Self-Fulfilling Prophecies as Human Responsibility for Divine Promise, by James E. Brenneman

2 Lions and Ovens and Visions, O My! A Satirical Analysis of the Book of Daniel, by David M. Valeta

3 Learning from the Legacy of Jewish Apocalyptic Literature in the Second Temple Period, by James C. VanderKam

4 Living with Apocalyptic: The Jewish Experience in Antiquity: A Response to VanderKam, by John Kampen

5 The Eschatology of Jesus: Is Apocalyptic Really the Mother of Christian Theology? by William Klassen

6 The Rule of God in Jesus’ Teaching: A Response to Klassen, by Dorothy Jean Weaver

7 Reading the Past, Present, and Future in Revelation, by J. Denny Weaver

8 Triumph in Tribulation: Revelation in the Life of the Church, by John R. Yeatts

Part Two: Historical and Theological Perspectives

9 Millennial and Amillennial Expectations in Christian Eschatology: Ancient and Medieval Views, by Everett Ferguson

10 Rethinking Anabaptist Apocalypticism, by Lois Y. Barrett

11 Jonathan Edwards’ Vision of the End Times, by Rachel S. Stahle

12 A Millennial Heuristic: Diversity and Divisions in the Stone-Campbell Movement and Prospects for a Contemporary Believers Church Eschatology, by Kevin James Gilbert

13 Harriet Livermore, Pilgrim Stranger: Riding a Fast Horse East of Eden to the New Jerusalem, by Scott Holland

14 Jonas Stutzmann: The Amish Man Who Wore All White and Built a Chair For Jesus, by Gregory Hartzler-Miller

15 A Mennonite Apocalypse: Claas Epp’s Timetable for the Second Coming, by Dallas Wiebe

16 666 and All That: Prophetic Belief in America from the Puritans to the Present, by Paul Boyer

17 Defining a More Adequate Believers Church Hermeneutic: A Response to Boyer, by C. Norman Kraus

18 How John Nelson Darby Went Visiting: Dispensational Premillennialism in the Believers Church Tradition and the Historiography of Fundamentalism, by William V. Trollinger, Jr.

19 Anti-Modernism, Dispensationalism, and the Origins of Fundamentalism: A Response to Trollinger, by Donald F. Durnbaugh

20 Outlines of a Contemporary Believers Church Ecclesiology: A Dialogue with James McClendon, by Thomas Finger

Part Three: Contemporary Issues and Pastoral Perspectives

21 Eschatology and Social Ethics in Ecumenical Perspective: Reflections on the Prague Consultations, by Walter Sawatsky

22 All Sales Are Final: Y2K, Preparation, and the Foreclosing of the Future, by Susan Biesecker-Mast

23 Prophecy for the People: The Significance of the Eschatology of Hal Lindsey for the Believers Church, by Robert G. Clouse

24 Assessing the "Left Behind" Phenomenon, by Daniel Hertzler

25 Facing Revelation’s Beasts: The Opportunities and Challenges of Pastoral Ministry at the Edge of History, by Loren L. Johns

26 Evoking an Alternative Consciousness: A Response to Johns, by Ron Guengerich

27 Armageddon Anxiety and Satan’s Six-Pack: A Pastoral Response, by John Dey

Index of Scriptures and Other Ancient Writings
Index of Names
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