Mennonite Church
Council on Faith, Life and Strategy Statement
Meaning of "Dialogue"

1. The document on Human Sexuality of Purdue '87 is the position of the Mennonite Church.

2. The Council on Faith, Life and Strategy of the Mennonite Church affirms this position statement of the Mennonite Church and its General Board.

3. The Mennonite Church's position in this statement is both clearly stated and biblical.

4. The words "remaining in loving dialogue" found in this document should not be construed to mean that the homosexual issue is unresolved or that the position of the church is in question.

5. "Dialogue" relates to the area of pastoral care in terms of biblical teaching on the denomination's position, care of families and individuals who are touched by this issue, admonitions to those with a homosexual orientation, sponsorship of ministries that are directed toward calling persons out of homosexual practices and restoration in the body of believers, and dialogue that reflects the love of Jesus.

6. We encourage the church and its leaders to teach in an affirmative way the position of the denomination rather than letting it go by default. It is our sincere desire to speak with biblical understanding and Christlike compassion. We commend this understanding to Mennonite Church.

Council of Faith, Life and Strategy
November 1995

Myron Augsburger
Owen Burkholder
Richard Headings
Phyllis Litwiller
Martha Yoder Maust
Michael Meneses
Emma Richards

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