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TO: James Lapp
FROM: Everett Thomas
DATE: October 20, 1992
Enclosed please find the "Final Report: Listening Committee for Homosexual Concerns" which the MBCM Board of Directors received at the October 15-17, 1992 sessions.

The MBCM Directors took the following actions:

Action: The MBCM Board accepts the report of the Joint Listening Committee for Homosexual Concerns, and expresses deep appreciation for the responsible, dedicated and caring way the committee carried out their assignment.

Action: MBCM commits to exploring methods to constructively information and recommendations of the Joint Listening Committee for Homosexual Concerns with the Mennonite Church.

Action: MBCM submits the entire report of the Listening Committee for Homosexual Concerns to the MC General Board for information, and counsel to MBCM for further consideration of this proposal in the March, 1993 meeting. We request a response from General Board by February 1, 1993.

Please be in touch with me if these actions are not clear; I understand these actions to be roughly parallel to those taken by COE, which has forwarded this report to the GC General Board for further action. I will continue to work with Norma Johnson as we attempt to have an integrated response to the recommendations provided by the Listening Committee.



copy: Marcus Smucker

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